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Understanding Microsoft Teams Real-Time Call Quality Analytics (RTA) Reporting

Good news, this feature was going to require theĀ Advanced Communications add-on for Microsoft Teams, but Microsoft has now dropped this requirement. It has been removed from the Advanced Communications add-on for Microsoft Teams docs page (it was previously listed as a feature in advanced comms)

Real-Time Analytics (RTA) will show shows detailed information for scheduled Microsoft Teams meetings, updated in real-time in the Teams Admin Center. It includes the following information:

  • Meeting Participants
  • Join & Leave Time
  • User & Device Information (Name*, IP Address, Regional Location, Device, OS)
    • Devices Including
      • Microsoft Teams Room (Surface Hub, Teams Display, Collaboration Bar)
      • Microsoft Teams IP Phones
    • Connectivity Type (Wired, WiFi, WWAN)
      • Changes in connectivity type (Wired to WiFi or WiFi to WWAN)
      • Changes in IP addresses pertaining to connectivity change
    • Network Metrics (Jitter, Packet Loss, Round Trip Time)
    • Audio, Video and Application Sharing (Bitrate, Frame Rate)


You will find Real-Time Analytics under Teams admin center > Users > Manage users, select a user, and open the Meetings & calls tab on the user’s profile page. Under Recent meetings, you’ll see a list of meetings the user has attended within the past 24 hours for which real-time telemetry is available, including any in progress meetings.

Real-time telemetry data is available for a meeting under Recent meetings for 24 hours after the meeting has ended. After 24 hours, you can’t access the data and the meeting moves to Past meetings.

Real-time telemetry is only available for scheduled meetings. For ad hoc meetings like Meet Now, PSTN, 1:1 calls, and group calls, real-time telemetry isn’t available. It is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and MTR and IP Phones. VDI and CVI clients do not currently send RTA telemetry.

At the time of writing this is not available via Graph API so third parties will not be able to collect or report on it. It’s only available in the Teams Admin Center.



Check out the Microsoft documentation here

Check out a good blog overview from Microsoft here

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