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Tom Arbuthnot

A Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Master, Tom Arbuthnot is Founder and Principal at Empowering.Cloud as well as a Solutions Director at Pure IP.

Tom stays up to date with industry developments and shares news and his opinions on his, UC Today Microsoft Teams Podcast and email list. He is a regular speaker at events around the world.


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  • Hi, any clue on how i can fix lync ‘cannot synchronize address book’ error. I have tried every suggestions on the internet. We have a merged topology with OCS R2. The prompt goes only when you cancel. This is happening to all internal users. We have a different SAN certificate for lync and OCS.

  • Win 2008 R2.

    How can you delete the conversations? I right-click and click the delete option which is NOT grayed out, but the conversation(s) remain.


    • Do you mean from Outlook/Exchange/OWA or from the client? In either case you should be able to right click and delete. It may take a minute to refresh in the client.


  • I already deleted the outlook saved messages and turned off the option to save them. So new messages are not being saved client side.

    However, the older messages still appear. I’ve tried deleting them, restarting lync and rebooting, but they persist in the client. When I click delete there is a quick refresh, but the message continues to display. I’ve looked at all the options available and I don’t see anything that would help.

  • Hi Tom,
    Im a Exchange 2010 admin i want to learn Lync 2010

    My question will i need to learn something like CCNA voice
    Thank you

    • CCNA Voice is very Cisco focused, it is great for getting up to speed on voice technology, but it’s not where I would start for Lync. There are some Lync exams from Microsoft to look at, but the first thing I would do is spin up Lync Standard Edition in a lab and have a play with setting it up, once you have done that look to the voice elements in more detail


  • Hi Tom
    I saw your blog, I great your knowledge in Lync,Tom I need your help , if you could give me an example, situations in which code is generated 504 and 603, in addition to the information you have on your blog.


    • Hi Nery,

      That’s not much info to go on. Can you post a thread on technet and I’ll take a look


  • We want to have our employees authenticate with LYNC client as follows:
    from the campus, using Kerberos.
    from outside the corporation, using client certificate+PIN (with Edge in the DMZ).

    Although the client certificate+PIN is mainly used by VoIP telephones, I’ve read that it is possible to have a user authenticate from LYNC client on a regular PC, using client certificate+PIN.

    Is if possible?
    If it’s possible, can you reference me to a relevant doc?


    • Lync client can use a cert for sign in, but only after using AD creds. and the cert needs renewing every x days (policy set). You can’t use a pin on the pc client, that’s for phone only. Thanks

  • This is Bing from lync support. we currently met an issue about lync toast could not display korean properly. some of words will show as backgroup color. User could not see it.

    • Interesting. There is not much we can do about this until Win8 is RTM, good to know though thanks

  • When I try to use Lync 2010 with one of the high contrast themes I can’t see what I’m typing in the conversation box. It’s like black on black.

  • Hi Tom,
    I was looking for the concurrent calls script mentioned on the Confused amused site. Is that available anywhere else?


  • Hi Greg

    We are trying to connect our Lifesize TEAM MP device to Lync Online. We are configuring the device as per the instructions for an internal configuration (becuase there is no instructions on how to connect to online) but just getting registration failed. Is there something different we need to do to communicate with Lync online opposed to Lync Server on premise?



    • Not sure who Greg is?

      Connecting to Lync online is different to on-prem. I’m not sure LifeSize will work with Lync online out of the box yet.

      Probably worth talking to Lifesize/your supplier



  • I am looking for a way to modify the message I previously sent (like in Skype).
    Is it possible in Lync?

    There are no information available on this. MS sucks.

    Please help..

  • I’ve shared a little project on CodePlex called “Visual Presence” and just want to get some feedback from a Lync/OCS professional.


Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions