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Create Multiple Edge Web Apps for each Microsoft Teams Guest Tenant

Since Chromium Edge went general availability I’ve switched to it as my primary browser away from Google Chrome.

One of the useful things chrome had was the ability to create web apps with specific profiles, which allowed me to easily be signed into multiple Microsoft Teams guest access tenants concurrently.

I wrote a PowerShell script to generate per tenant chrome web apps in their own dedicated instance. It proved to be very popular.

So how do we achieve the same thing with Chromium Edge?

Creating an Edge Web App for each Microsoft Teams Guest Access Tenant

Edge does have the ability to “Install this site as an app”, but by default, the app is running in the same profile as the browser, so if you just create an app and try to sign into Teams in the app it will keep wanting to be in the same tenant as the main browser, meaning you can’t have multiple apps signed into different Microsoft Teams guest access tenants.


However, if you create a profile first, then sign into Teams, then create an app, the app runs as that profile and you can run multiple “apps” which each use different profiles, which allows you to be signed into different Microsoft Teams guest tenants concurrently.

For each guest tenant, you want an app for, create an Edge Profile


Name it something sensible, maybe the name of the tenant you are going to use it for


Sign into Microsoft Teams, and switch to the tenant you want to make an app for. Click to the Team/Channel you want the app to launch at.

Then “Install this site as an app”



You will get a nice “app” experience and a shortcut on the desktop


From the shortcut, the app will launch in that profile


Meaning you can launch multiple apps concurrently signed into different tenants and they won’t impact each other.


Want to launch the web apps on startup?

Just copy the shortcuts from the desktop to the startup folder.

Path: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

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