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Change Edge browser new tab to Google or any other URL you want

I’m really enjoying using Edge, it’s a shame Microsoft keep trying to make it difficult to not use Bing/injecting their content. By default, even if you change your default start page, new tabs will open a mess of Adverts and content. You can use the cog on the top right to tune this down to a “focused” mode and turn of “quick links”, which is much better. But if you still want to just land on a...

Microsoft Teams 2.0 will use half the memory, dropping Electron for Edge Webview2

Credit to Brad Sams for first reporting on this, Alongside the Windows 11 announcement today, Rish Tandon, the CVP Engineering for Microsoft Teams, posted on Twitter about changes coming to Microsoft Teams architecture. It gave a lot of useful insight into what is coming. Microsoft Teams is moving away from Electron to Edge Webview2 Angular has gone. Teams is now 100% on reactjs Teams is also...

Create Multiple Edge Web Apps for each Microsoft Teams Guest Tenant

Since Chromium Edge went general availability I’ve switched to it as my primary browser away from Google Chrome. One of the useful things chrome had was the ability to create web apps with specific profiles, which allowed me to easily be signed into multiple Microsoft Teams guest access tenants concurrently. I wrote a PowerShell script to generate per tenant chrome web apps in their own dedicated...

Change New Tab Page in Chromium Edge to Google

I’m fully switched over to Chromium Edge Beta and it’s great, but one thing that was niggling me is that new tab pages always default to Bing search. You can change the address bar search to google Settings / Privacy and Services / Services / Address Bar / Search engine used in address bar You could almost think Microsoft are trying to hide it . You can set your start page to google (or anything...

Change the Default Search Engine of New Chromium Edge Browser

Now new chromium edge has hit beta, I’m giving it a go as my primary browser and have uninstalled Chrome.
One of the first non obvious things to do was change the default search engine, for me I want the default to be google.

Privacy and Services

Address Bar

Where you can pick your preference

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions