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Need Microsoft support with Office 365 Developer API’s? You need paid Microsoft Premier or Unified Support

I’ve been working in the Microsoft space for quite a long time, including developing a number of products with Modality Systems, but this one still surprised me.

Office 365 services, such as Exchange, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Planner, and SharePoint have various API’s, now mainly under Microsoft Graph. These are used for organisations to write their own scripts, apps and processes and also third parties to develop solutions that work with Office 365.

What are the Office 365 support options?

Microsoft offers different support options for business and enterprise customers.

Self-help and “Assisted Support” are inclusive of your Office 365 licences.



There is then “Elevated Support” which is extra paid support, Microsoft pitch it is “Additional, elevated support available for purchase for Microsoft 365 organizations that require more personalized support.”

For Enterprise customers, this is generally Premier Support or the newer paid Unified Support, and for businesses, you can also “pay per incident” for “Professional Support” for Businesses.


You can also work with numerous Microsoft partners who offer various levels of support.

How do I get support with Office 365 APIs?

Assisted support includes Web/email support for “technical issues”, but this is really aimed at more basic technical support. I can’t find it documented, but this doesn’t include any questions or support on Office 365 APIs.

Even if you step up to Professional support, this specifically excludes developer, Office 365 API and Microsoft Graph support


So for any support around API’s you need to step up to premier or unified support or work with a partner who can leverage their partner premier support.


You also see this confirmed on the Office developer documentation


I can see the logic, supporting API’s can be tricky, but it’s something to be aware of if you are depending on the Office 365 API’s, make sure you have the support you need from Microsoft or a partner.

More Details:

Support for business options

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