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Microsoft Teams reaches 13 million Daily Active Users, 19 million Weekly Active Users

In a blog post from Microsoft, for the first time, we have been given a Daily Active User (DAU) number for Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft is going all in with direct comparison to Slack.


The blog goes on to plug some latest new features and references, but it’s the DAU and WAU numbers that are significant.

Previously we’ve been given active organisations and references of how many organisations have over 10,000 active users

  • Over 500,000 organisations
  • 91 of the Fortune 100 use Microsoft Teams
  • More than 150 organizations have over 10,000 active Microsoft Teams users

The new DAU number gives an ability to directly compare to slack, which at last announcement in January had

  • 10+ million daily active users
  • 65 of the Fortune 100
  • 85,000 paid users


6 months is a long time in this world, so the number could be higher now, but it seems Microsoft has waited until they feel they have a healthy DAU lead and just head of their big Microsoft Inspire partner conference.

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Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions