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Microsoft Teams Client SDK coming to support partner Attendant Console Solutions

One good session from Inspire 2021 was on partners growing their Teams practice and the opportunity around Teams Phone.

The session included a Teams Calling roadmap update.


Image from The Year of Teams Phone – Grow Your Practice

Most of this was already known about, but something public for the first time is “Client SDK to support ISV attendant console solutions”.

What is an SDK? SDK stands for Software Development Kit, which means a set of code and tools to allow you to, in this case, make a client-side app or control a client.

This is something the Teams space has really been waiting on. It’s a heavily upvoted item on User Voice

This is what products like Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams will be using. I’m sure others too and there are likely use cases beyond Attendant Consoles.

It is due FY (Financial Year) 2021 H (half 1), so between July and December 2021 for those who don’t speak in Microsoft financial years.

This is great news for the Microsoft Teams Ecosystem. I’m talking to a few attendant console providers to get their insights and will update the blog when I hear more. Are you using the SDK for a solution or plan to? let me know.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates.

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  • The past few weeks I have been using Graph, PowerBI, Powershell and ASP.NET Core to find a way to list employee call times and export them to a database. Its about timestamps. I’m almost desperate and don’t know if the feature is missing or I’m too inept to handle the callRecord Segment and Graph.

    in the forums the problem seems to exist for quite a while and I haven’t found there a solution yet.

    do you know if this SDK will help me with this or do you happen to know a method? I know not much is out there but is this the update I have been waiting for, because I don’t see timestamps related to the begin/end or duration of a call. call merge might be implying it . . .

    no need to answer | iv read your about me section but there also is written that its ok to write under an article with the correct context | if I come to a solution mainly due to you, I spend 150 euro to a charity of your choice or for your coffees | greetings from a german student who works on intern projects for the first time

    • does anyone know if MS are ever going to release a teams client endpoint to hook incoming calls? its been talked about for literally years now

  • Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions