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Microsoft cancel including calling plans in E5 due to ‘rapidly evolving market conditions’

Only weeks after it was announced and before it was due to be available, Microsoft has cancelled adding 120 minute PSTN domestic calling plans to E5 and A5 for 8 countries.

Microsoft says it’s due to “rapidly evolving market conditions”. Thanks to my friend Randy Chapman for the heads up.

They must have been very rapidly evolving indeed to change in a matter of weeks. I can’t see any customers being annoyed by included PSTN minutes at no additional cost, but I can imagine people who traditionally sell those minutes not being ecstatic about the offer.

Will Microsoft launch Enterprise Voice and E5/A5 with Calling Minutes later?

Microsoft, very honestly says, “We don’t know. We’ll continue to assess the market and sales data to determine whether the launch will be rescheduled.”.

My thoughts, I don’t think so. It’s not delayed, its “cancelled”. Whatever “market conditions” that causes the retraction of this offer are unlikely to change.

What about the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Voice Plans?

At the same time as announcing the 120-minute calling plans to E5, Microsoft also introduced new Microsoft 365 Enterprise Voice SKUs.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Voice SKU included Phone System, PSTN Audio Conferencing, and Domestic Calling Plans in one licence.

These have also been cancelled.

Does this mean the Advanced Communications licence is cancelled too?

Not at this time, the advanced communications licence is still going ahead. Stay tuned to the blog for any further updates.

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