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Teams Islands mode Users, set Outlook to only schedule Microsoft Teams meetings

Putting users in Islands mode has massively increased as organizations with Skype for Business have quickly moved to leverage Microsoft Teams as part of their Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Lots have been encouraging users to use Microsoft Teams for meetings. By default, in islands mode, users have the choice of scheduling in Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business. A new policy rolling out now...

Adding Outlook Email and Calendar App to Microsoft Teams, a proof of concept

DISCLAIMER – This is a community-written Proof of Concept custom App This is not an official Microsoft app. This is a custom app that was written using the power of App Studio within Teams. This app is NOT a supported enterprise-level app. It is ONLY for testing. It just shows you the power behind the platform. ##################### Microsoft Teams is often positioned as the single application...

Automatically Dismiss Past Events Reminders in Outlook

Does your Outlook often start like this?

Outlook does have the ability to automatically dismiss these these tasks, but for some reason it’s not enabled by default.


Advanced / Tick “Automatically dismiss reminders for past calendar events”

Outlook on iOS and Android, with more than 100 million users, can now directly schedule Microsoft Teams meetings

As reported as coming soon in March, Outlook app in iPhone/iPad and Android can now directly schedule Microsoft Teams meetings. It will either default to scheduling Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams meetings depending on which user mode you are in.   User mode Meetings solution in Outlook mobile Teams Only Teams Skype for Business with Teams Collaboration and Meetings* Teams Skype for...

Quickly Copy Outlook Exchange Global Address List to Personal Contact List / Phone

I spend a good amount of time traveling/working from my phone, an iPhone. By default the iPhone will sync your Exchange personal contact list but not your global address list (GAL). Here is a quick way to copy the GAL to your persona contact list and therefore have everyone in your contact list. Go to new email in Outlook Click To In the contact list, filter by users and select all Right click...

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions