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Exchange Online Unified Messaging being replaced with Cloud Voicemail starting March 2019, final retirement February 2020

In July 2018 we learnt that Exchange Server 2019 no longer contained the Unified Messaging (Voicemail and Auto-attendant) role. It figured that it was only a matter of time before Microsoft retired the service in Office 365. That time has now been announced. Microsoft is retiring Unified Messaging (UM) in Exchange Online and replacing it with Cloud Voicemail and Cloud Auto Attendant services. If...

Call Analytics and Auto-Attendants & Call Queues Administration moving into the Teams Admin Center

Skype for Business Online and Teams Administration if currently split over 2 web portals, the new Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Admin Center at and the legacy Skype for Business admin center. The plan is to drive all functionality into the new admin center. Call Analytics and Call Quality Dashboard Online are also folding into the new admin centre. Call Analytics As part of that process...

Skype for Business for Mac v16.24 Released

New Features Share your screen when in a call or chat with a user on Teams – When in a conversation with someone using Teams, Skype for Business will help you start an ad hoc meeting so you can share your screen. Show single window for conversations with the same user – When enabled all messages from a user or group of users will be displayed in the same top-level window when Show...

Microsoft Teams Exams: Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate

I’ve been asked by a few people when will there be exams for Microsoft Teams. There are some options, both edX and some new beta exams. edX Online Courses Firstly there are two good edX courses you can take: Enabling Teamwork with Microsoft Teams – Intended for IT professionals that manage an Office 365 deployment. Enable users for Microsoft Teams Configure Microsoft Teams Configure audio...

Why wont Microsoft Sell Office 365 Business / Business Premium PSTN Audio Conferencing or Phone System?

Office 365 has many different subscription options, sometimes referred to as service plans or SKU’s (Stock Keeping Unit, a retail term for a specific unique product code). These are bundles of services targeted at different business sizes, use cases and sometimes specific verticals like Education or Government. Here is a complete list on You can also buy some standalone...

5 Oracle Session Border Controllers now certified for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Oracle is the 4th vendor to be certified for Microsoft Teams Direct routing (5th technically, but enterprises can’t buy Thinktel’s carrier SBC)
The Oracle AP 3900, AP 4600, aP 6300, AP 6350 and Virtual Machine Edition (VME) are all now certified. As with all SBC’s, they are pending for Media Bypass.

Note Acme Packet is the company Oracle acquired.

Reference Oracle PDF

1 file can’t be synced with OneDrive for Business Fix, desktop.ini

I use OneDrive for Business across multiple PC’s. Recently it has been prompting me with the error, 1 file can’t be synced with OneDrive for Business

The odd thing is that file doesn’t exist on the PC I’m on, it is actually already in OneDrive and trying to sync down to the PC.

Deleting it from OneDrive via the web interface removed the error.

How to Firmware Upgrade a Yealink Phone from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

This week Yealink were the first phones to be certified and generally available for Microsoft Teams. The 3 certified Yealink phones, the T58A, T56A and CP960 can all actually run as Skype for Business phones or Microsoft Teams Phones. Moving forward Microsoft will enable updating of Microsoft Teams phone firmware directly from Office 365, but if you want “swap” a Yealink phone from Skype for...

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Collaboration news and opinions