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Skype for Business Online 3PIP IP Phones will work with Microsoft Teams until July 31st 2023

Update: 3rd August 2020: 3PIP Phones will now be supported beyond 2023

Alongside the End of support of Skype for Business Online date of 31st July 2021, Microsoft also announced that

“After the Skype for Business Online retirement date of July 31, 2021, users with 3PIP devices who have been migrated over to Teams Only will be able to continue using their 3PIP devices with a limited set of functionalities until July 31, 2023”  Reference, and now the official blog.

What are Skype for Business Online 3PIP Phones?

Microsoft has certified a number of Skype for Business Online Certified phones provided by third parties. Also referred to as 3PIP, for 3rd Party IP Phones.

Vendors include Poly, AudioCodes and Yealink

How do they work with Microsoft Teams?

They work with Microsoft Teams with limited functionality via a cloud gateway service. See this blog for details of what works and what doesn’t.

It now looks like you have 4 years to use these IP Phones with Microsoft teams with limited functionality before they will stop working with Microsoft Teams.

This applies to 3PIP phones and not the newer Microsoft Teams IP Phones.

Another date to consider for those moving from Skype for Business Online or Skype for Business Server and using this type of IP Phone.

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  • Some important Teams 3PIP distinctions apply when using Direct Routing Tom. There are some gotchas that can apply without proper planning or users having the proper expectations. LMK if you would like me to elaborate or if you have already covered (or plan to cover this topic).

  • Thanks for keeping us updated with all the changes. As 3rd party IP phones will stop working with Microsoft Teams so, users will need to be aware with functionality and what kind of changes they need to face. This blog is quite enlightening with its content about Skype for Business Online IP phones (3PIP) or when we switch to Microsoft Teams.

  • Hi Tom – thanks for the update – all of the information from Poly etc seems to be 2 years old – is there is list of 3PIP devices that will work with Teams?

  • Do you have any insight on how the 3PIP gateway actually works? Protocols, IPs in use etc? We are trying to troubleshoot a SDWAN issue with our skype certified phones and i am looking for more details around this gateway but not finding much


  • Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions