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Modern Authentication for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Modern authentication is a Microsoft umbrella term for a combination of secure authentication and authorization methods between a client and a server. This might include a PC or a phone. It includes: Authentication methods: Multi-factor authentication (MFA); smart card authentication; client certificate-based authenticationAuthorization methods: Microsoft’s implementation of Open...

Understanding the Microsoft Teams PSTN Usage Call Records Report\Bill for Calling Plan and PSTN Audio Conferencing

Microsoft Teams can be your conferencing platform with PSTN audio conferencing and your Phone system with either Calling Plans from Microsoft or a third-party PSTN carrier with Direct Routing. Microsoft provides a PSTN & SMS usage report that serves as your call records report and also a breakdown of any PSTN charges. The report covers Calling Plans and Microsoft PSTN Audio Conferencing in...

Using Microsoft Teams to join a Zoom or Webex meeting via Skype for Business SIP Address

Many popular meetings platforms like Zoom and Webex have an option to add a SIP Address for Skype for business users to dial directly into the meeting from the Skype for Business client. It’s not the slickest user experience and not something I would necessarily recommend. Still, interestingly you can dial this SfB SIP URI from Microsoft Teams to join the Zoom or Webex or another platform meeting...

Microsoft On-Premise Diagnostics (OPD) tool for Skype for Business Server

Microsoft has announced a new On-Premise Diagnostics (OPD) tool for Skype for Business Server. OPD is a PowerShell based collection of diagnostic scenarios, analyzers, rules and insights for diagnosing common issues in Skype for Business 2015 and 2019 on-premises and hybrid environments. Once installed you run it in PowerShell and are prompted to pick a technical area. Scenario Types of tests...

New Poly Trio C60 for Microsoft Teams

Photo from Jeff Schertz Poly announced today the new Trio C60, a new conference phone that will support Microsoft Teams. Stand on its own as a high-quality conference phone, or, it can be used to control other endpoints like the Poly Studio X Family or G7500. Support a variety of the leading open SIP and UC&C services, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Optional wired expansion microphones will be...

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Local Media Optimization, unlocks new SBC topology options

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Local Media Optimization for Direct Routing. Media Bypass Direct Routing already supported Media bypass, released mid-2019. Meaning that media would “bypass” routing to the Microsoft cloud Media Transport Relays and stay direct between the Teams client and the SBC. This is optimal if the user is on a local/internal network with an SBC and there...

Microsoft Teams Out Loud Podcast March 2020 News Update

All the Microsoft Teams news from March, this month we talk about

COVID-19 – impact/growth
Device Management right in Teams
New Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module
Stream video recording from the mobile app

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Understanding PSTN Dial-In Audio Conferencing with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one product, but depending on what licences/SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) you have different features may be enabled or disabled. By default, Microsoft Teams comes with the ability to schedule or do ad-hoc online meetings (sometimes called conference calls or web conferences) for up to 250 people. This includes the ability to do VoIP (audio over the PC or mobile clients), Video and...

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions