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Tom Arbuthnot speaking at Commsverse Online, Keys to Microsoft Teams Governance Success

Commsverse is a community Microsoft Teams Conference run independently by industry experts in Microsoft Collaboration and Communication. I am excited to be doing a session on Keys to Microsoft Teams Governance Success. The online event is completely free to register to watch live. All sessions are streamed live as they happen. It is a multi-time zone conference. This means it will be between 10am...

Tom Arbuthnot speaking at UCX Digital Online event – The office of the future

For the first time, UC EXPO is launching an online event UCX Digital, which will take place on Wednesday 10 – Thursday 11 June. UCX Digital consists of 5 webinars across the two days and is completely free to attend. I am excited to be chairing the first session on 10th June: The office of the future: What will it look like and how can you prepare? I am joined by Mary O’Callaghan...

Microsoft Teams Monthly Podcast June 2020

This month on the UC Today Microsoft Teams Monthly Podcast we discuss

Microsoft policy-based recording API
Microsoft Teams news from Build
Microsoft buys Metaswitch
Facebook buys Giphy
Commsverse Online July 6th – 9th

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Microsoft 365 Licence Plan vs SKU vs Service Plan vs GUID vs String ID

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft licensing terminology can be quite complicated. When you start looking at Microsoft 365 Licences in PowerShell or Microsoft Graph it can get confusing. Microsoft will refer to the “E bundles” as “Plans” in their marketing. But the Office 365 Portal will refer to the same bundle as a “Licence”. Which is the “Licence Plan” Then it will refer to...

Feed Microsoft Teams participant video into OBS, Wirecast, Xsplit and StreamLabs with coming NDI support

Microsoft Teams is a great collaboration platform, but it’s often used for much one than that. One use case is recording podcasts/vodcasts or even professional TV production. Today what you can do is relatively limited. For example, I record my monthly UC Today podcast on Microsoft Teams, we use the native Teams experience, natively recorded in Stream. Then it is given a simple overlay in...

Team Templates coming to Microsoft Teams

An exciting and much-requested feature, Microsoft Teams will now include a default team template experience right in the team creation UI and managed through the Teams Admin Center (TAC). I know this is a popular feature as Modality (where I work) have our own third party app for doing this, CreateTeam. Other third parties also have creation and team lifecycle management tools. Microsoft has had...

Microsoft Teams Policy-based compliance recording API is now Generally Available

Exciting news in Microsoft Teams, the updateRecordingStatus API, the Graph API that enables policy/compliance-based session recording, is now generally available. This API allows you to apply a policy to a Microsoft Teams user that enabled a bot to join all of their Microsoft Teams calls and meetings and enable a recording to meet various regulatory requirements. Since this is service-based, it...

Facebook buys GIPHY, time to disable GIPHY in Microsoft Teams?

For those still catching up, GIPHY is an online service for making and sharing GIFs. It provides an API to directly integrate into other products. GIPHY is integrated into many products such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok, Slack and Microsoft Teams. As of 2018, they had around 300 million active users every day across all the platform it serves. I am a big fan of using GIF’s...

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions