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Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business thoughts and news

Skype for Business Online Microsoft PSTN Conferencing behaviour change, at least one authenticated user required for PSTN dial out

A change in the way Skype for Business Online with Microsoft PSTN Conferencing behaves. Today, meeting guests (unauthenticated users) are able to add people to the meeting by dialling out to them via PSTN, even if no company authenticated users are in the meeting. This is curious as it could lead to anyone joining the bridge (discovering a meeting URL for example), dialling out and incurring a...

4 Microsoft Teams Role Based Access Control (RBAC) administrator roles

Something we relied on in Skype for Business Server was RBAC to give permissions for those who need them without giving “god mode” to everyone. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams does have a number of RBAC roles. 4 new roles have just been enabled. Teams Service Administrator: The overall Teams workload admin, who can also manage and create O365 Groups. This role has access to all the controls...

Microsoft Teams Monthly Podcast: My three predictions for Microsoft Teams in 2019

In this months Microsoft Teams Monthly podcast with UCToday, Patrick and I discuss the latest Microsoft Teams news and I make 3 predictions for Microsoft Teams in 2019. Patrick does his best to tempt me into making some outlandish predictions and asks some tricky questions around what is coming in the future. You can catch the podcast on: UCToday Website Itunes Spotify BuzzSprout RSS Feed What...

Microsoft Teams Product Engineering Team ‘AMA’ (Ask Microsoft Anything) Session on December 12th

There is another Microsoft Teams ‘Ask Microsoft Anything’ (AMA) on 12th December from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PT in the Tech Community here: Add the event to your calendar and view in your time zone here. The AMA gives you the opportunity to as questions and give feedback to members of the product engineering team. It’s a good chance to get a view on what’s important to you and...

Microsoft is building its own Chromium based browser, What does that mean for Microsoft Teams?

Credit to windows central for first reporting on this. It’s as yet unconfirmed by Microsoft. Browsers have an “engine” that render the pages. Microsoft wanted to replace the out-dated Internet Explorer with Edge, a new browser with a new rendering engine known as EdgeHTML. Microsoft Edge was designed to be a newer, faster browser. It hasn’t really had a massive uptake compared to the use of...

New Microsoft Office Icons (or, an evolved visual identity)

Microsoft has updated the Office icons. The new icons will be rolled out in the coming months, replacing the icons that were introduced in 2013. I guess we are due an update.
Here are the new icons. What do you think?

An extensive post about the concept here:

Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module 0.9.6

  Microsoft has updated the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module to 0.9.6 The available cmdlets themselves remain the same, but three are 3 changes There is a change in how New-Team behaves. The New-Team –AddCreatorAsMember parameter has been removed.  In its place, there is an optional parameter -Owner.  You can use this –Owner parameter to specify the full userid (e.g. Person1@tenant...

LogiPolytronics? Could Logitech buy Plantronics

  A bit of fun with the name (hat tip to my friend Jonathan McKinney), but it looks like Logitech may be looking to buy Plantronics (who recently bought Polycom) in a report from reuters. This would be interesting from a Microsoft perspective, where Logitech, Plantronics and Polycom have all been long term partners. Update, Nov. 26th: Logitech have confirmed to CNet that they were in talks...

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business thoughts and news

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