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Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) Power BI Query Templates Updated with Quality of Experience Report (QER)


Update August 2022:  The QER reports now supersede the original CQD Power BI query templates released in 2020. While the original templates will remain available for demonstration purposes, they are no longer supported by Microsoft. Microsoft recommends customers switch to the QER template which will continue to receive updates. Note that this does not apply to the CQD Teams Auto Attendant & Call Queue Historical Report.


Microsoft offers a set of Power BI template reports for Call Quality Dashboard, the download has just been updated to include Matt Wade’s great Quality of Experience Report (QER).

Matt used to distribute QER on his Github, moving it to a Microsoft download opens it up to some customers who are not allowed to download from Github.

You can get QER 4.6 now in the CQD Power BI Query Templates Download which contains – The QER Power BI template. Includes release notes and installation instructions (.docx), Microsoft Call Quality Connector (.pqx), and the template (.pbit)

This Quality of Experience Report (QER) template provides the following reports:

  • Search – enables searching by Meeting URL, Conference ID, Subnet, or UPN.
  • Meeting Health Details / Call Health Details – detailed metrics for a single meeting or P2P call.
  • User Health Details – detailed metrics for a single user.
  • Media Usage – general meeting and calling usage.
  • Media Health – high-level overview of Key Health Indicators (KHI) for overall tenant meeting and calling health.
  • Media Setup – analyze media setup failures.
  • Media Reliability – analyze media reliability issues.
  • Audio/Video/Sharing Health – review mid-level KHIs for audio, video, or sharing health.
  • Audio/Video/Sharing Health Details – review detailed metrics on audio, video, or sharing health.
  • VPN – review the impact of VPN on meeting health. (Estimated or Mapped VPN)
  • Top 10 Reports – identify areas of impact on your tenant health.
  • Dailies – review daily report of KHIs.
  • User Feedback – review user survey feedback, also known as Rate My Call.
  • Transport – identify networks that are blocking UDP.
  • Devices – review the impact of devices.
  • Clients – review client-focused metrics.
  • Building Data – review the building data file in CQD.
  • PSTN Health and User Details – two reports that provide a high-level summary as well as individual user health for PSTN based calls.
  • Network Metrics – two reports that display raw network metric details for jitter, packet loss, and latency.

NOTE: This template is provided as-is and is not an officially supported product of Microsoft.

Thanks, Matt for this great resource.

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  • Hello Tom it’s good to see that MS has added the QER report, from where can we download the PBIX template for this QER report to pull the template directly in PowerBI web.

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