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Microsoft launch first party Teams certified Surface headsets, Speakerphone and Webcam

For a long time, it’s been a point of conversation that while Microsoft has a large range of vendors who provide Teams certified headsets, their own headsets from the Surface team were not certified for Teams.

Today Microsoft announced 3 Surface headsets, all certified for Microsoft Teams. Also a webcam and speakerphone.

It will be interesting to see how the ecosystem partners feel about Microsoft getting into the space with first-party devices. In the PC world, Microsoft has positioned the Surface line as “high end” leaving plenty of space for their partners to come in with similar devices at lower price points, but with these devices ranging down to $49.99, they are targeting their devices across the price spectrum.

Thanks to Tero Alhonen for the fact sheet links.


The Microsoft Modern webcam is 1080p with a 78° field of view with HDR and “True Look” that apparently delivers facial retouch and auto light adjustment. Microsoft has of course had first-party webcams for many years, previously under the LifeCam brand, but we haven’t seen a new one for many years. The Microsoft Modern Webcam costs $69.99 and will begin shipping in June.

Microsoft Modern Webcam Fact Sheet here



The Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker follows the same model as most USB speakerphones. USB C with a “noise-reducing microphone”, but it looks like no battery or Bluetooth, so limited to just PC use. Microsoft’s USB-C speaker will be available in June priced at $99.99.

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker Fact sheet here


Surface Headphones 2 Plus for Business, All of the same features on the Surface Headphones 2, but now with a dongle (key to certification) and a Teams button. $299.99 shipping from today.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2+ for Business Fact Sheet here


Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset, again with a dongle for Teams, but also Bluetooth. Shipping in select markets this June. Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset will retail for $99.99.

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset Fact Sheet here



Microsoft Modern USB Headset a Wired USB-A, not USB-C, and includes in-line controls for volume, mute, and the Microsoft Teams button. List price  $49.99

Microsoft Modern USB Headset Fact Sheet here

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