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Microsoft will support Microsoft Teams Direct Routing with Certified Session Border Controllers (SBC) running in Azure


Skype for Business Server is not supported in Azure. It works, we’ve run SfB Server labs/dev test in Azure that function fine (but not production). Similarly, Cloud Connector Edition is not supported in Azure, again we know it can be made to work.

So it was interesting when Microsoft Direct Routing certified Session Border Controllers (SBC) like AudioCodes offered the option for customers to host their SBC in Azure.

Here is an Ignite session recording from Warren du Toit going over the option of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing with SBC’s hosted in Azure.

OK, so it definitely works, but is it “supported” by Microsoft?

I asked the product team and they confirmed that yes it is supported, in the sense that if the Session Border Controller vendor supports their SBC in Azure, and it’s configured in line with their recommendations, Microsoft will work with you on any support issues.

It’s nice to see Microsoft supporting this deployment model, as customers may want to retain control of their Direct Routing SBC but not have physical hardware.

So we now have 3 options for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

  • Deploy traditional SBC hardware on customer site
  • Have a carrier or partner host the SBC’s for a customer and run them as a service
  • Customer or Carrier/Partner cost host the SBC’s in Microsoft Azure



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Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Office 365 news and opinions