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Microsoft Teams Roadmap, What we learnt from Microsoft Ignite

First off this is not the official roadmap, you should check out the official Office 365 Roadmap at where you can Filter by “Microsoft Teams”.

At Microsoft Ignite we were told there would be a roadmap update in October, so I look forward to that. In the meantime here is everything we picked up from Ignite as “coming in the future”. As with everything “future”, it’s all very subject to change an interpretation. This is just an attempt to get it all in one place. I use “roadmap” in a loose sense, there are no dates, but I will add dates if and when they become available.

I appreciate Microsoft opening up to us about what might be coming in the future and appreciate this can be subject to change, I hope you do too.

Did I miss something? Please let me know in the comments

Telephony Calling

contacts  call in progress

Demonstrated at Microsoft Ignite, we saw PSTN Calls being made and received. We saw contact list, calling history, contacts/”speed dial list”, voicemail with visual transcription. From Ignite we know this is using the same Azure voicemail system that is used in Office 365 Phone System (previously called Cloud PBX). E911 was specifically mentioned as a feature in the Ignite keynote. We also saw hold and transfer. Phone numbers and calling plans are the same for SfBO and Teams

In “Is Voice in the cloud right for you? – BRK2038”, Plans for Microsoft Teams include new API’s, including API’s for contact centre and compliance. Auto Attendant, Call Park, Shared Line Appearance, Multi-line appearance will “show up in the next calendar year”

Bring Your Own Trunk (BYOT) Telephony option in Microsoft Teams

pstn deployment options

This was talked about briefly in BRK2035 – Plan your UC refresh correctly – Skype for Business on-premises vNext. There is a plan to have some kind of option to connect your “Optimised” Session Border Controller directly to the Microsoft Cloud to bring your own PSTN Carrier to Microsoft Teams. This was described as a “vision”, where there would be no need for an on-premises server element. Sonus and AudioCodes have confirmed any current CCE appliance will be “upgradable” to this new BYOT model. The point was made that Microsoft is still committed to being a telco with their “Calling plans” carrier option.

Is Voice in the cloud right for you? – BRK2038 Also discusses this.

Cloud Meeting Recordings with Transcription Search

video in chat stream video playing

Leveraging the power of the cloud, meetings are recorded in the cloud and automatically added to the channel, given transcriptions/subtitles. You can search the transcription. This was called out as an example of “intelligent communications”. We saw the meeting appear to be stored on Microsoft Stream.

New single Web Admin Center for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Online

users list  ben caning phone  teams interop policy

Complete with “Call Analytics” for Microsoft Teams and SfB Online

Plan for API access to Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Online Session Quality Data

api access to teams detail

I’m excited for this for our Modality Diagnostics tool. BRK2010 – Call quality management for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams

Skype for Business Online certified Phones will work with Microsoft Teams


Mentioned by Ben Canning in the GS10 Keynote

Skype Room Systems and Standards-Based Video Interop Cloud Services will come for Microsoft Teams

video interop

Skype Room Systems will get a software update to support Microsoft Teams. Cloud Interop services from Polycom, Pexip and BlueJeans will allow standards-based video systems to join Microsoft Teams meetings

Admin Control for Migrating (“Upgrading”) from Skype for Business Online to Microsoft Teams

admin control of change  client

  • “Side by Side” – users running Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams
  • “Side by Side with notify” – users running Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, users will be notified in SfB there is a plan to move to Microsoft Teams, contacts will be copied from SfBO to Teams
  • “Teams only” – switches everything to Teams and SfB goes into a “meeting join only mode”

Calling Interop between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

adam stanley

Person to person calling as demonstrated between Teams and SFB. Transfer, hold will work.

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