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Upgraded Microsoft Teams users can now join Skype for Business meetings via the SfB mobile apps as an authenticated user

An interesting subtle change in the upgrade process from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. I think of it more as “transition” but we’ll stick with the Microsoft “upgrade” terminology to keep it simple. Previously, when a user account was fully moved to Microsoft Teams, it was blocked from signing in to Skype for Business app on mobile. Meaning the user could join meetings from mobile devices...

Skype for Business Online IP Phones will work with Microsoft Teams, with some Considerations

We heard at Ignite that Microsoft Intent to make all existing SfB Online compatible devices work with Microsoft Teams, and today we got a good detailed FAQ blog post from Thomas Binder that helped clarify the plan for SfBO/Cloud PBX/Cloud Phone System certified IP Phones (thanks Thomas). I’ve reproduced some of Thomas’s FAQ and added by own thoughts/opinion commentary here. Will Skype for...

Video Based Screen Sharing (VbSS) comes to iOS and Android Mobile SfB Clients

Traditionally Skype for Business (and Lync) uses Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to screen share, this gives easy remote control but can be more bandwidth intensive than using a video codec.
Jeff has a great write up on it here:
It’s in Skype for Business Online now, and came to server in CU3, and now the mobile client support it too:

Android (thanks Shoulun Wang on twitter)

Skype for Business Online Quality of Service DSCP Markings and Port Ranges

  With Office 365 Skype for Business Online and Azure ExpressRoute you can have true end to end QoS from your endpoint on the corp network to the cloud. Here are the marking Microsoft use for Skype for Business Online. Can customers choose or change these DSCP markings or define port ranges? No, these are globally set on Office 365, so they can’t be changed on a per customer or tenant level...

Skype for Business Administrator Online Virtual Summit 2015

MVP’s Johan Delimon and Ståle Hansen are running is a virtual event for you as a Lync and Skype for Business administrators that wants to learn how the technology works and get started with some real actionable troubleshooting data from the Call Quality Methodology (CQM). All sessions will be streamed live, and you will be able to ask questions before, under and after the event. All sessions will...

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions