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Microsoft Office finally moving 64-bit by default

Since Office 2010, Microsoft has offered a 32-bit install and a 64-bit Office install. You might think the 32-bit version was for 32-bit Windows and the 64-bit for 64-bit windows, but 64-bit windows can run actually run 32-bit Office fine, It was initially recommended to run 32-bit Office as all the Office plugins were typically written for 32-bit, you were only recommended to run 64-bit if you...

Record your screen with PowerPoint

One of the most useful things when hitting a bug or an issue is a screen recording of the actual issue. Screenshots are great, but you can’t beat a recording for quickly explaining an issue. Previously I’ve used things like the great TechSmith Camtasia and Snagit, and in a pinch on a machine where I don’t have those installed, Those are not always an option or an easy...

Set-OfficeChannel – Set Your Office Click to Run Channel with PowerShell

I’ve written a quick PowerShell script to allow you to choose your Channel from a Menu. The script sets the appropriate registry key to define the channel and kicks off the Office Click to Run Update to pull the latest build. This allows you to quickly move from channel to channel, even “backwards or forwards” This will “override” the tenant level setting You must run the script as...

Fixing Blacked Out Numbers in Word

Sometimes in word, the numbering seems to get corrupt and end up blacked out.
This should be 1.0


Click on the heading, and set the number to none.

Then set the numbering to headings

Once that works, update the Headings template to match the selection, this should fix all the headings:

Set your Office 2016 Update Channel with Registry Key or Group Policy

Update: for a quick way to do this with PowerShell see: blog here ########## As discussed in this post, Understanding Office Click-to-Run, Branches, MSI and Skype for Business Client Versions, Office 2016 Click to Run is released in 5 “Channels” (previously branches) 2 for normal users: Current Channel (previously called Current) (Current) Deferred Channel (previously Current Branch for Business)...

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions