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Lync for Mac 2011 – Managed Preferences

Looking to set configuration preferences in Lync for mac? The office for mac site has a good overview of the settings here From their site: Certain features and behaviors that are available to Lync Server 2010 clients are determined by preference settings on the client. You can standardize the settings for Lync for Mac in your organization by configuring preferences for the application and then...

Upcoming Events – MUCUGL 20th October and PowerShell Powercamp London 5th-6th November


Quick Reminder that we have a upcoming Microsoft UC User Group London meeting coming up on Thursday 20th October at the London Polycom Executive Briefing Centre In our first session Mike Adams (Polycom Customer Experience Manager) will be running a series of Polycom/Lync integration demos. Then what better way of demonstrating Polycom’s telepresence but by Mike Stacy and Jeff Schertz (Polycom...

SIP RFC and Response Codes

SIP is key to Lync, so to understand Lync it’s good to understand the SIP protocol. A good RFC to read is RFC 3261 – SIP: Session Initiation Protocol Below is a summary of SIP Response Codes, from Mahmoud Badran 1xx—Informational Responses 100 Trying 180 Ringing 181 Call Is Being Forwarded 182 Queued 183 Session Progress 2xx—Successful Responses 200 OK 202 accepted: It Indicates that the...

Turn off 2nd incoming call alert/Call Waiting in Lync client on multiple machines (GPO/PowerShell)

Following my post on turning off the 2nd incoming call alert on Lync, Anders Hollsten asked if he could set this with a config policy to distribute it to all clients. The setting is held in the current windows sound scheme, which is held in the registry under HKCU:\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\Communicator   When the Data field is full it plays that sound. If no sound is set the Data field is...

Update Snom Phone Firmware with PowerShell and HTTP POST

I cam across an issue where a customer needed to update a bunch of snom 300 phones to the latest OCS firmware but couldn’t use DHCP to dish out the firmware (which is a  much easier option). After playing around with the manual update process with the WebUI I thought I could probably send HTTP strings to the phone to get it to do the same thing. Enter a PowerShell Script that sends HTTP POST...

How to do direct transfer and consultative transfer with Lync client voice calls

  Direct Transfers (transferring a call to another party without talking to them first) is pretty obvious in Lync client. Consultative Transfers (where you talk to the party you are transferring to before transferring the call) are slightly less obvious. This post gives an overview of how to do both.   Direct Transfer Answer the incoming call Click on the arrow at the bottom right and...

Lync Phone Edition Updates July 2011 7577.296

Updates for Lync Phone edition are now available, version 7577.296
Microsoft Lync 2010 Phone Edition for Polycom CX500, Polycom CX600 and Polycom CX3000
Microsoft Lync 2010 Phone Edition for Aastra 6721ip and Aastra 6725ip
Microsoft Lync 2010 Phone Edition for Polycom CX700 and LG-Nortel IP Phone 8540
Note: The webpages are still refreshing but the downloads are .296

How to Upgrade the Firmware on an net UX gateway

The net UX is the newest gateway from net. Details on the UX are available here It is all web based, and I have to say the Web UI is pretty good, making it much easier to manage than the previous VX gateway with a combo of apps telnet (although with the apps and telnet comes a lot of flexibility). Firstly you will need the latest firmware, which you can get from the net website with the...

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business thoughts and news

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