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Minor Bug: Lync 2013 Survivable Branch Appliance users point to 2010 pool call park/audio test service in mixed 2010/2013 environment

This was noticed on a recent install, and I validated it in my lab. When you deploy a Lync 2013 Survivable Branch Appliance into an environment with Lync 2010 and 2013 Pools, users homed to the 2013 SBA (which would of course be aligned to a 2013 pool). This may impact you in terms of network route taken for these services, or in expected call park ranges being available, other than that it...

Deploying a Sonus #Lync 2013 Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) Walkthrough

I previously wrote a walkthrough on deploying a Lync 2010 SBA. I thought I’d write an updated post for a Lync 2013 SBA. Not a lot has changed in the process or in how the SBA worked. Since writing the last walkthrough net has been acquired by Sonus. I am using the same gateway, a Sonus SBC 1000 (previously called net UX 1000) There are essentially 3 major steps to deploying an SBA Lync Topology...

Walkthrough of NET UX1000 Survivable Branch Appliance setup for #Lync

Here are some quick screenshots walking through the setup of a UX1000 with the SBA module for Lync. From a setup point of view you can think of Gateways with SBA’s as 2 devices in one. Where net particularly excels is making it nice and easy to setup both the “gateway” and “SBA” from one Web interface. As you will see on the walkthrough the setup process is pretty fluid. This walkthrough is on a...

A look inside the NET/ Sonus UX1000 Gateway/Survivable Branch Appliance – Photos of the hardware

My blog post giving an early look at the net UX1000 got a lot of interest, so I thought people might be interested in some more on the net 1000. The unit is now GA, and I had a chance to play with another unit today. This post is a brief look at what is actually inside the net UX1000. Front of the net UX1000 Front without facia Screw holes for rack mount kit (included) Rear, combinations of ports...

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business thoughts and news

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