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No more “next slide please” with Microsoft Teams PowerPoint Live Presenter Mode

One of the great meeting features of Microsoft Teams is PowerPoint Live Presenter mode. For me, the killer feature is that anyone can “Take control” of presenting the deck seamlessly. In my opinion, it really breaks the flow of a presentation for the presenter to keep prompting someone with “next slide please”. It became a running joke with the UK Government updates that they were constantly...

Change PowerPoint Spell Check Language for specific slides / text boxes

Sometimes specific slides or parts of slides end up being in a different language to the rest of the deck, resulting in them showing red underlines for miss-spelling even though the spelling is correct, it’s just that spell check is expecting/checking based on it being a different language. For example, this deck is in English, but it is showing these words as spelt wrong. If you select a...

70 #Lync Technical, Business and Partner Videos from LyncConf now available Free!

70 Videos and PowerPoint presentations, covering a Technical, Business and Partner tracks from LyncConf 2013 are now available free of charge to download and keep (mp4 and pptx, registration is required). I was lucky enough to be at the conference and I can say the content is definitely worth looking at. Just head over to and click on “Get Access Now” to see all the session...

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions