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Microsoft Graph API Office 365 usage reporting GA, existing API and PowerShell cmdlets will be removed January 29, 2018

Microsoft announced in a blog post on 19th December, new APIs are available now, and Using these APIs, you can retrieve the data available in all of the web-based usage reports on the Office 365 portal You get Organization level summaries per service, entity level (user, sites, accounts) usage information Reporting periods of the last 7/30/90/180 days, and daily activity aggregates. Any user with...

Get Skype for Business Client Version with PowerShell

As discussed in previous blog posts, there are many different Skype for Business clients (mobile, windows, Mac, IP Phone, Rooms etc.) and even within “Windows” there are many different versions (MSI, Click to Run with various Channels, “2013/2015” and 2016), there is also 32-bit and 64-bit. To add further confusion, the “version number” listed in the Skype for Business Help / About is the “MSO”...

Run PowerShell Scripts Directly from GitHub with Two Lines

First off, this is a really bad idea most of the time. You shouldn’t run scripts on your system you don’t understand/haven’t reviewed and that someone else could edit at any time. However, it is possible to pull scripts directly from GitHub and run them on a system. Allowing you to use 2 simple lines to invoke a larger script, and to pull the latest version of a script every time. What we are...

Create a One Click Run As Shortcut with PowerShell

One of the challenges of working with so many Office 365/Windows Live ID’s/Microsoft accounts is that you are constantly logging in and out of them. You can run multiple browsers or run in incognito/private modes, but that can be a pain, and sometimes you want to be in multiple sessions concurrently. For example, you might have a personal Microsoft Account, a work account, and a Dev/Test/MSDN...

Quickly Disable Active Directory Password Policies in Lab

Just discovered there is a simple PowerShell Cmdlet for this, saves having to dig into Group Policy
$Domain = “”
Set-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy –Identity $Domain -PasswordHistoryCount 0 –MinPasswordLength 0 -MinPasswordAge 0 -MaxPasswordAge 0 -LockoutObservationWindow 0 -LockoutThreshold 0 -ComplexityEnabled $False

Add Windows Features to Windows 8.1 Using PowerShell

Oddly had to hunt around a bit for this, so thought I would post so I can find it when I next forget
The cmdlets are not at all like Windows Server (wish they were)
To get a list of windows Features
Get-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online | Format-Table –AutoSize

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName TelnetClient -Online

Get-DirectorySize : Quickly finding what was eating all my hard drive space with PowerShell

One of my machines was inexplicably running out of hard drive space on it’s OS drive. I cleared it down a couple of times, and within a day or two it was full again   I turned to the tool that solves all problems, PowerShell. I wrote a quick and dirty script to take a starting directory, and recurses all directories, measuring the size for each one, You can find the script on my Github here:...

Check Your Lync Server Windows Fabric Log Size with PowerShell

I’ve been sitting on this one for quite a while, but someone at the recent PowerShell Summit kindly reminded me to get it published. Lync 2013 Servers generate Windows Fabric logs, Flinchbot has already done a great write up. These don’t appear to be causing a lot of issues, but it is something you might want to check on, as they could potentially fill your hard drive. I haven’t seen any...

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business thoughts and news