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Disable Integration between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

We’re seeing quite a few people pick up on testing Microsoft Teams and Microsoft is continually making updates and improvements.

One of the default behaviours is that you can Instant Message between Teams and Skype for Business.

This works in two ways. If you are in teams and you want to contact a user in your organisation who is not signed into Teams but is on SfB, you’ll see this:


Which is showing their SfB presence and warning you this message will go to their SfB. Now when you IM them from teams, it shows up in their SfB, but when they reply it goes back to the Teams chat.

In the other direction, if you are signed into SfB and Teams, and someone IM’s you from SfB, you’ll get a toast for SfB and a toast for teams


You can then pick this IM up either in teams or SFB. some users find having the dual toasts annoying/confusing.

In a recent update to Teams Microsoft gave the option to disable this integration per user on a user-side, client settings.

If you go into settings and notifications


You can disable the Skype for Business integration (default is enabled)


When disabled, integration is completely disabled.

So now when I search for a user using SfB but not teams, I just see them offline in teams, I get no option to IM them from teams and have it go to the SfB client.


And when I get an IM from SfB, it only toasts in SfB


And only teams messages toast in teams


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  • Thanks for the wonderful post, I was wondering if this is supposed to work even with On prem skype for business & teams [ofcourse on cloud ] the reason I ask is because in my environment SFB is on prem and on my teams client, the only option i see related to this post is “Chat with Skype for business ” [ i wish i could share the screenshot with you ]

  • we found a way to apply this change for everyone:

    To disable the Tenant-wide Microsoft Teams setting for Skype integration in the Office 365 Services & add-ins portal:

    Settings -> Services & Add-ins -> Microsoft Teams
    Microsoft Teams settings -> Tenant-wide settings -> General ->
    “Use Skype for Business for recipients who don’t have Microsoft Teams”
    (set this to disabled)

  • This above-mentioned method is really very helpful to disable the integration of the Microsoft tools with the Skype app. In such case use Skype for Busines to get accessed all the features of the Skype. Users can get help a great help with this too.

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Collaboration news and opinions