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Dynamics 365 Microsoft Teams Integration Updates from Microsoft Inspire 2021

One of the big announcements from Microsoft Inspire last week was the integration between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Microsoft is “launching” the same news multiple times these days, as it was also announced at Ignite, the customer conference in March 2021. Tom Morgan did a good overview at the time here.

Microsoft made a big deal about there being no cost for this integration. Being that they are both Microsoft products, to be honest I wouldn’t have assumed there would be a cost.

What does the Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams Integration allow you to do?

  • Automated notifications of Dynamics 365 events into Microsoft Teams
  • Adaptive card notifications allow for buttons and input, to allow connected workflows
  • View and collaborate on Dynamics 365 customer records right within a Teams chat or channel
  • Dynamics 365 users can now add a Teams meeting when creating an appointment
  • Enable access to key customer information during a Teams call
  • Capture notes directly with the Teams call, which are saved in the timeline of the Dynamics 365 record

Microsoft has also shown previously how they intend to allow integration between Teams Webinars and Dynamics 365 marketing

Example of the Dynamics 365 meetings app, with records details and notes


Example of an adaptive card notification from Dynamics 365 into Microsoft Teams


It looks like the connectors to push adaptive cards into Teams and surface records in Tabs in teams are available, but I can’t see the Teams meeting app yet.

What was missing from this announcement, which was shown in March 2021 was the ability to make a Teams call directly from within Dynamics 365. Hopefully, that is still coming.

Modality is a Teams and Dynamics 365 user, so I will update the blog when the calling or meetings app becomes available.


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Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions