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  • Dear Tom,

    Wish you a Happy New Year. I am following you on twitter.

    I have joined the Lync Team in my company. I would like to know, do you any training materials for LYNC Administrator?

    Sriram krishnamoorthy
    UCB Pharma S.A

  • Hello Tom,

    I just found your site through the almighty and powerful Google.

    I am new to Lync. I have Lync 2013 setup and it is working, at least with our test group. All of the settings are at default.

    Is it possible to prevent/deny (not sure that best word) ALL Lync users from chatting with a specific user, unless that user has added them to their contact list?

    For example… I work in City government… I am attempting to prevent our employees from chatting with the Mayor, unless the Mayor has added the employee to their contact list.

    I appreciate any assistance that you can provide.

    Doug Brace
    Allentown, Pennsylvania, United Stated

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business thoughts and news