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Change Edge browser new tab to Google or any other URL you want

I’m really enjoying using Edge, it’s a shame Microsoft keep trying to make it difficult to not use Bing/injecting their content.

By default, even if you change your default start page, new tabs will open a mess of Adverts and content.


You can use the cog on the top right to tune this down to a “focused” mode and turn of “quick links”, which is much better.


But if you still want to just land on a blank page or the page of your choice you need a browser add-on.

I used this one: Custom New Tab – Microsoft Edge Addons

Edge will disable it by default, as it’s messing with core functionality (basically to avoid add-ons clickjacking your home page, which is fair enough).

If you are not sure about giving an add on that much control, feel free to stick with the focus mode.

To turn on the extension:

  1. At the top corner of the browser, select Settings and more > Extensions.
    A screenshot of the Settings and more button
  2. Locate the extension you’d like to turn on, then select the toggle to turn it on.



Then on first opening a new tab you will be warned


And you can set the new tab URL to whatever you want:



This seems to also overwrite your start page for the first browser launch, but that’s OK for me too.

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