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Webinar: Modality Automation and Power BI reporting from Microsoft Teams Call Records API


Webinar registration here on June 8th.

We (I work at Modality) are just about to launch a new Calls and Meetings module for Teamwork Analytics, our Microsoft Teams automation and reporting software.

Teamwork Analytics already automate messages to users and report on Microsoft Teams usage and governance, now we are adding detailed Calls and Meetings information from Microsoft Call Records API.

Microsoft Call Records API gives all the details of every Microsoft Teams call and meeting just after the finish of the session. This gives us detailed usage information (who is scheduling meetings, who joined, minutes spent on PSTN and VoIP calls, meeting length, use of video etc.) and all the network performance and device information for each session.

We use this information for alerting, Power BI reporting and automated messages to Teams end-users.

We have built an all-Microsoft cloud solution on Azure and Power BI. It can be deployed completely on your tenant (Azure ARM template) or as SaaS.

Come join this webinar on June 8th to see:

  • What information Call Records API does and does not give you about Microsoft Teams calls
  • The architecture of our Azure native solution which is running in a customer with over 330,000 active users, processing up to 92 call streams per second and 8 million streams a day
  • How we have tested to 2,000 call streams per second and how we monitor for changes in the call records API attributes and values
  • Using Power BI for powerful and flexible reporting
  • Reporting and automation filterable both network subnet and also Azure AD information like department or job title
  • How to deploy as SaaS or on your Azure tenant with an Azure Resource Manager Template
  • How we leverage Azure logic apps for ultimate flexible alerting for call and meeting/network performance
  • Using Azure bot framework to send adaptive card automated messages to users, advising them about poor network and uncertified devices

The webinar will be presented by myself and Sean Murphy, the product owner for Teamwork Analytics Calls and Meetings module.

The webinar is on 8th June 2021 at 4PM UK time. If you can’t make it live everyone registered will get send the recording.

Registration here

Looking forward to finally talking about all the details. Hope to see you there!







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