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Connect Analog devices to Microsoft Teams with Ribbon and AudioCodes


For years with Lync and Skype for Business deployments we have connected analog devices to Session Border Controllers/Gateways, both to give them PSTN access when removing the PBX and to allow calling between them and Skype for Business. Typical use cases include

  • Lift/Elevator Phones/Overhead PA systems
  • DECT handsets
  • Specialist phone devices (fireproof phones, dealer boards)
  • Existing long runs (I once installed SfB into a School where a phone was at the end of a sports field, no plan to run Ethernet up there Smile)
  • Alarms and Modems
  • Fax (avoid this if you can, very temperamental)

Now in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft are specifically certifying SBCs/Gateways/Analog Telephony Adapters (ATA’s) for use with Microsoft Teams


Certified device list here.

No “contact object” or friendly name address book entry for Analog devices in Microsoft Teams

In Skype for Business Server, you could create an “analog device”. It let you associate an analog devices with Active Directory contact objects. You could then manage the analog device by assigning policies and dial plans. In reality, we rarely did this and just used dialing routes between SfB and the SBC to allow the two to talk.

In Microsoft Teams there is no specific “account” for analog devices. Analog phones connected to an ATA are not searchable from Teams. It’s just dialing numbers and voice routes in Teams/SBC to allow the two devices to talk. Teams users must manually enter the phone number associated with the device to call that device.

So nothing radically new here, but interesting to see Microsoft specifically certifying SBC’s for this use case.

How to use analog devices with Phone System Direct Routing

Connecting AudioCodes’ SBC with Analog Device to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

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Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions