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Disable Mute Unmute noises and Toasts in Plantronics Hub

I use a couple of great Plantronics headsets, mainly the Voyager 8200 and Voyager 5200 UC. I use Plantronics Hub windows software, which allows you to update the firmware, set some advanced functionality and even do device reporting into their Manager Pro product (which we can pull into Modality Diagnostics).


One thing that annoyed me was mute and unmute both pings a “toast” and makes a windows sound to notify you. In Teams I try to stay on mute when not talking, so am frequently on and off mute.


The headset already gives an in-ear “mute on”, “mute off” (configurable). I don’t need a toast and windows noise.

I was looking in the Plantronics Hub software for the ability to disable this bit couldn’t find it. Thanks to my friend Randy Wintle at Plantronics/Polycom for pointing out these can be disabled in the windows notification center

Disable them here and the toasts and noises for mute/unmute go away Smile


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Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions