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The Office 365 train is still steaming along with more than 135 million monthly active users, Microsoft FY18 Q3 Results

I like to keep an eye on Microsoft financial results for any insights into growth and direction. The latest FY18 Q3 results were released April 26th.

We can see from the results Office 365 Commercial continues to grow year on year.




From the earnings call:

“Office 365 commercial now has more than 135 million monthly active users, and Office 365 consumer subscriber increased to 30.6 million”

“One year in, Teams has rapidly become the hub for teamwork. More than 200,000 organizations in 181 markets use Teams, from Maersk to General Motors. Teams is now enabled for a broad spectrum of calling and meeting room devices. We’re also building AI-powered services into Teams. We’ve integrated Microsoft Stream, our enterprise video service, into Teams for transcription and time-coding of recorded meetings. We’ve added new facial recognition capabilities which will attribute remarks to specific meeting attendees. And we are adding new Cortana capability to make calls, join a meeting, or initiate three-way calling just using your voice.”

TA: Nothing we didn’t already know. The facial recognition thing threw me for a minute, then I realised it’s talking about the facial recognition in Stream

“I mean one of the things that now has increasingly become a number one priority for every CEO is to make sure that the right tools, the right products are in front of their own employees, so that they can do their very best work and collaborate. So Teams growth is a great example of how companies are modernizing their workforce with things like Microsoft 365”, Satya Nadella.



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Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Collaboration news and opinions