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Cisco agree Microsoft Teams has the better name and renames Cisco Spark to Webex Teams



OK, I couldn’t resist the cheeky comment in the title. To be fair it’s not like Microsoft haven’t had a lot of name changes Smile.

Just a week after doing a podcast comparing Microsoft Teams to Cisco Spark, Cisco have announced they are renaming Cisco Spark to Webex Teams. Webex has always been a stronger brand than Spark, so I think this makes sense for them.

“Webex Teams gives you a much richer set of tools—including whiteboarding, persistent messaging, simple guest access, content sharing and integrated tools—to support teams both during and after the meeting.”

Press Release:

It seems the key vendors are converging on the idea of collaboration being about more than just messaging and meetings, but about files, project spaces, application integration etc. Competition is always a good thing for the market, it spurs on innovation.

The announcement from Cisco:

  • Current Webex becomes Webex Meetings
  • Spark becomes Webex Teams
  • Spark Calling becomes Webex Calling, with calls being made from what was formerly the Spark calling platform, now part of the Webex cloud. Over time Cisco will migrate this to BroadSoft for advanced calling features
  • Spark for Developers becomes Webex for Developers
  • Spark Boards and Room Kits become Webex Boards and Room Kits

Interesting Thoughts from NoJitter:

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