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5 New Microsoft Teams Features: Command Box, Cards from Apps in Chat, Personal Apps Space, Who Bot, App Store

In a massive update, Microsoft Teams just revealed 5 new features. Here is what they are and what you need to know:

New Command Box with /Slash Commands

The search box has been moved and combined into a Search and Command box at the Top of the Teams client.

From this you can:

  • Search as before
  • Use “Alt+E” to jump to the command bar (thanks for the tip James Arber)
  • /Slash commands allow you to quickly take actions in MSTeams, for example, change your presence or go to a specific Team or Channel
  • @Command directly to Apps, today this is mostly restricted to searching within apps, but the intent is to add the ability to quickly add a task to your project management app or command Visual Studio to start a build. I would personally really like the ability to add tasks to my Todoist




Cards from Apps in Chat

Integrated apps can now show information in card format directly in chat. So, for example, there is no need to take a screenshot of a Trello card as post in into chat

In chat under the … you can see apps


Or you can @ mention an app, such as @Trello, and then search for a card:


And select a card to post:




Personal Apps Space

This is interesting. Microsoft is positioning Teams as your “one-stop shop” for productivity work. Now you can get to “personal apps” From within Teams. So, for example, you can get to your own personal OneNote or Planner, meaning less need to switch out of Teams.




Who Bot

Also under the “Personal Apps” “…” Who bot allows you to search for people in your organization by name or topic. It’s powered by Office 365 Graph.


You can also reach the Who bot via a /Command. I would have expected it to be a @command to get to the “bot app” but I guess Who is considered to be a core part of Microsoft Teams




Microsoft Teams App Store

Finally, there is now a specific “Store” tab in Microsoft Teams that allows users to view all the apps they can install/integrated with Microsoft Teams. You can install them to your “Personal Apps View” or into a specific Team.



This is a massive update, and really further unlocks the application integration and bot story. What’s your favourite new feature?

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Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business thoughts and news