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New Modality Tools: Skype Pre-Meeting join Test Tool and Cloud PBX Advisor Report


I just wanted to take a minute to highlight two new tools we’re looking for feedback on. The first is from Tom Morgan in our Modality Labs team.

The web based tool allows SfB users or external guests to test the connectivity before joining a meeting. Is your network connection good enough? Is your headset appropriate? If you want to have a good meeting experience you can now test before joining the meeting.

The tool addresses this problem by providing a pre-meeting testing experience allowing users to test their network and devices. From simple tests checking whether appropriate firewall ports are open to allow content sharing or testing connection speeds, to advanced quality tests analysing complex metrics such as round-trip time, jitter, packet loss etc. Project Steenbok provides the ability for users to self-test before joining meetings, not during them.

You can try out today by going to and choosing either the Basic or Advanced test. Be sure to let us know what you think and what could be improved.



A question we get asked all the time is, Is Cloud PBX or Cloud Voice right for me? We’ve attempted to create a online tool that asks user answers 5 simple questions and then gives specific answers and guidance around their requirements for fit for Cloud PBX, you can check it out at


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Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Collaboration news and opinions