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MSUC.Chat- A SfB Community Open Mic SfB Online Meeting Once a Month, Drop in for a Chat


Hello and welcome to a new online user group adventure / experiment… an regular Monthly “open mic” SfB  meeting where anyone around the world can drop in, chat, ask questions etc. IM luckers and video chatters equally welcome!””

Ben Lee explains how it all came together…..

You might be wondering what all of this is about, well let me tell you a story, a story that started with a Yammer (Yes some things do start from Yammer :-)


And there you have it – MSUC.Chat was born!

The thinking behind the idea is that while there are plenty of community resources out there (as I’m sure anyone reading this far would agree) they sometimes don’t quite hit the nail on the head. SfB is a complicated product with many different nuances / intricacies and more often than not provides many different ways to achieve a working solution but which one is “correct” or “more correct”??

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a group of people who all worked, lived and breathed this stuff (mostly) 24/7 on hand who could provide immediate feedback on ideas, concerns, queries or anything else to do with SfB? Well that’s what we are hoping to be able to achieve here.

We will run monthly “open-mic” sessions hosted by SfB professionals & hopefully the odd special guest now and again. During the sessions we’ll keep the agenda light and attempt to answer / discuss / dissect and pull apart questions and comments from the floor.

Ben Lee, Iain Smith, Josh Blalock and I have brought it together, but we’re more coordinators than anything else. The idea is to keep it simple and open, and see who wants to chat and what they want to chat about.

We would love you to join our “preview event” on Friday 16th December – First event is happening – Get it into your diaries 16:30 GMT, so 8:30/9:30/10:30 US depending on your time zone.

Find your local time here:

Feel free to drop in anytime during the session. Even if it’s just dropping into the IM while working on something else.

We’re going to create a mailing list just for this, so even if you can’t make this one, add your email on the site and you will get an invite to the next one.

There is no plan to record the sessions, though we might take away questions and try to find answers and blog them if good questions come up.

Any feedback on the idea is really welcome!



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