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VMware Horizon VDI Skype for Business Support Tech Preview Q1 2017


VMware are having their big VMware show right now, and they just announced planned support for Skype for Business on VMware Horizon VDI. They are doing a tech preview for customers Q1, you can sign up here

Here is a a brief demo video (doesn’t really give much insight to be honest, just shows a call working in View, sounds just a little bit scripted too Smile ). Shawn Bass CTO of End-User Computing at VMware and Raj Gopalakrishnan CTO – Skype for Business Engineering

This is a joint engineering effort between VMware and Microsoft, much like the Citrix VDI support for Skype for Business (already in market for quite a while now). Like Citrix VMware will offer a direct peer-to-peer endpoint virtual channel that offloads media processing to the endpoints, including Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints. The media plug-in will support both Skype for Business Server (on-premises) and Office 365 deployments. Horizon 7 will be supported.


Sign up for the preview here, remember these type of joint ventures tend to get support proportional to user demand:


VMware blog post:

VMware Press Release here


Plan to test this? I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions. More details are available under NDA from VMware.


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  • Will be interesting to see this. I’ve not seen one customer with the Citrix / SfB integration. I’ve seen it on demos. Most users want to take voice and video out of the thin client – not make it fatter.

  • This is certainly an interesting development given that Citrix has been ahead of VMware in this respect for some time and have been fairly aggressive pushing the point with their “Dare to Compare” video and Brad Anderson stating at Citrix Summit that co-developed HDX pack was “”the ONLY way to use Skype & VDI together!”. So will this close the gap?

    One thing that is not clear is what flavour of Horizon this is aimed for. Has that been stated anywhere?

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Collaboration news and opinions