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Skype for Business Ignite Conference Videos YouTube Playlist and Download

Microsoft Ignite has come to an end, it was a great week of networking and content. Thanks to all those who stopped past the Modality Systems booth or said hello throughout the week.

Fortunately for those that couldn’t make it (or went all in on the networking Winking smile ), Microsoft record and upload all the sessions. This used to be on the Microsoft Channel 9 site, but now is direct to YouTube (the new Microsoft at work, go where the users are).

If you are particularly interested in Skype for Business (you read/subscribe to this blog right? Smile ). I have created a YouTube playlist of just the Skype for Business Sessions, you can just stream them there or you can use youtube-dl, a command-line program to download videos from YouTube (great app, see below).

YouTube Playlist of all Skype for Business Ignite 2016 Videos:

Also if you watch my session on PSTN conferencing I would love your feedback.

Downloading All the Skype for Business Ignite Videos

In previous years various community members and myself have written PowerShell scripts to grab all the content for offline viewing. Indeed Michel de Rooij has written a script to download *All* the content and decks here. This will pull down  all the content of all the sessions (I’d guess a few hundred gigs). or you can search by a keyword.

How to download all the videos with youtube-dl


The .\ is required to run an exe in the local path in PowerShell, or you will need to type the full path to the exe, if you live in 1998 and run from cmd.exe you won’t need it.

It will the download all the videos and name them nicely. Since it’s pulling from YouTube, you won’t get the slide decks, but you can pull them individually from the Tech Community Forum



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Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Office 365 news and opinions