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Skype for Business Cloud PBX Cloud Connector Edition Download

Good news, it’s been a while in preview, but now Skype for Business “Cloud Connector Edition” is available as a download.

“CCE” is a set of 4 virtual machines (stand alone Domain Controller, Central Management Store, Mediation and Edge) that sit on a single physical dedicated server Hyper-V host in your DMZ and allow you to use your on-premise PSTN carrier with Skype for Business Online Cloud PBX. So your Skype service and call control is in the Office 365 cloud, and your PSTN calls break in/out with your on-premises PSTN carrier (via SIP, a gateway/SBC or PBX, qualified options available here).

You can “stack” up to 4 “CCE’s” in a single site for scaling number of calls and resiliency. You can scale up to 200 CCE “sites” and if you have one physical site that needs more calls you can have 2 “CCE sites” on single physical site.

Late breaking news, just before GA, there are now recommended hardware models for 500 calls per CCE and a smaller 50 calls per CCE, making it easier to scale down to smaller offices which is good. If you deploy the maximum 3 + 1 configuration (with larger hardware), then your PSTN site can handle up to 1500 simultaneous calls. If you deploy the smaller version, the supported limit is 150 simultaneous calls.

You can download Cloud Connector Edition on Microsoft Download here: Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition

Since December 2015 you have been able to “bring your own carrier” to Cloud PBX by using Skype for Business Server to connect to your on-premise PSTN carrier, but Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) offers a simpler alternative to deploying full server with no Skype Server licencing required (you do still need to licence Windows server , needing a single Windows Server Datacenter Edition licence per “CCE” host).

Note, at present you can’t mix CCE and Skype for Business Server in a global topology, it’s either using Server for hybrid and local PSTN break out or CCE.

Check out Plan for Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition TechNet article and the word doc Checklist for more details.

What you download is actually a small MSI with a PowerShell script module which then allows you to setup Cloud Connector Edition from your own Windows Server ISO.



Cloud Connector Cmdlets:

    • Convert-CcIsoToVhdx
    • Enter-CcUpdate
    • Exit-CcUpdate
    • Export-CcConfigurationSampleFile
    • Get-CcApplianceDirectory
    • Get-CcApplianceLogDirectory
    • Get-CcDownloadProgress
    • Get-CcExternalCertificateFilePath
    • Get-CcSiteDirectory
    • Get-CcSiteLogDirectory
    • Get-CcVersion
    • Install-CcInstance
    • Publish-CcHAInstance
    • Register-CcHAInstance
    • Search-CcLog
    • Set-CcApplianceDirectory
    • Set-CcExternalCertificateFilePath
    • Set-CcSiteDirectory
    • Start-CcDownload
    • Start-CcLogging
    • Stop-CcLogging
    • Switch-CcVersion
    • Uninstall-CcInstance

Version Information:

    • SfbCc 1.3.4
    • SfbBitsZip 6.0.9319.145
    • ScriptsMSI 6.0.9319.255

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Check out the official blog post here:

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