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Automated Script Install of SQL Server 2012


I often have to spin up labs for testing various Lync/Skype for Business setups, and have been meaning to work this out for a while. It turns out it’s pretty simple. The SQL installer has a command land switch to take a config file, from which you can specify all your install options.

With a bit of tweaking, here is my config file for a full install named INSTANCE1, with management tools, that adds server administrators as SQL Administrators. There are no references to any particular domain in the config file, so it should just work.



The command line syntax is:

Setup.exe /ConfigurationFile=SQLConfigurationFile.ini

Note the forward slash, that threw me for a minute.

Here is how I use it in my lab

\\\iso\SQL2012-SP2ISO\setup.exe /ConfigurationFile=”c:\PowerShell\SQL2012-Quiet-UTF8.ini”


There is a nice breakdown of the roles and their ini file feature name on this blog.

I know I’m a bit behind the times with SQL 2012, I’m sure I’ll jump up to 2014/2016 when I get time Smile . If you’ve beaten me to it, please let me know!

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Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Collaboration news and opinions