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Lync Clients and Options for Linux

I get this question now and again, We have some Linux users, how do they use Lync?

There isn’t really a great answer, there is no native Microsoft Lync client for Linux, but there are a few options.

Linux users can still have an IP Phone for Audio

Lync supports various IP Phones which a Lync user can use alongside their PC for Audio, but that only covers audio.


Run Lync in a windows VM

Many people choose to run Lync in a Windows VM on Linux.


Lync on Mobile/Tablet

While not ideal for full time use, Lync can be used on a Mobile or Tablet


2nd Small PC/Tablet for Lync

With Small PCs/Screens/Full Windows Tablets being so cheap, you could run a dedicated unit for Lync alongside your Linux workstation. Some of the small PC’s/Tablets can come in at a similar price to an IP Phone.


Skype Consumer for Linux and Federation

There is a Skype Consumer (not Skype for Business compatible) client for Linux


You could use this and Federation between Lync and Skype, but you will find some compliance and functionality limitations


Third party Lync Linux Clients

While not supported by Microsoft, there are a few third party Lync clients for Linux. These are not certified so I would test them extensively before any use and expect some limitations





Future, Plugin-less Web Client?

Today we have all the function lf Lync in a browser for meeting join, but it does require a plugin. Hopefully with a WebRTC/ORTC Future we’ll have solid options for a plugin-less browser experience supported on a Linux browser.


Using Lync with Linux? I’m interested in your feedback.

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