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Download All #Lync Teched Europe 2014 with PowerShell Get-Channel9Media

I’ve added another input CSV for my Get-Channel9Media PowerShell module to get all the Lync Sessions at Teched Europe 2014.

Simple download the module



Extract the “GetChannel9Media” Folder to you local system


From PowerShell:

Import-Module C:\temp\GetChannel9Media –Verbose

Get-Channel9Media -SessionCSV C:\temp\GetChannel9Media\TechedEurope2014_LyncURLs.csv -DownloadTargetDirectory C:\temp




Note, Channel9 are now randomising the mp3 links with a guid in the URL, so –downloadmp3only won’t work for the Lync Teched Europe Sessions CSV



If you want to build a CSV for your own session list you can be following the same format.



Download the PowerShell script here: Get-Channel9Media PowerShell module

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  • Hi Tom,

    thanks for making the download of the sessions a lot easier.
    The advantage of your script is that you get the files even if they are not listed on channel9. Especially the PPT’s.
    In my scenario I used it to download the PPTs.
    I noticed that the filetype is hardcoed.
    I had the idea of making the script more flexible if the file type is derived from the URL.
    I just fixed it for me by introduce a new switch (PPTDownload) and set the file type accordingly.



    • hey Paul,

      yes that works fine. I did that before for the MP3’s, but it seems ch9 now add a random guid to the mp3 URL. I’ll consider adding a pptx switch for the next rev.

      thanks for the feedback


Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions