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Lync 2013 Gotcha, When adding/removing FE’s in Topology, Publishing Topology will Reset the Relevant Pool

Just a quick post of a “gotcha” in Lync 2013. Due to the way Windows Fabric works, it is recommended to add one FE at a time during deployments, otherwise you might hit a quorum issue and have your pool not want to start.

When going to add an FE in Topology you will get this warning:


Fair enough, I need to restart all the machines in the pool at some point. I’ll my FE to the pool in topology, and go to Publish the topology


What’s that! Topology has Reset the pool for me, without warning. I read the above as “I” will need to do this at some point in the future, not we’re going to do it for you when you publish topology and interrupt service for the pool.



Bottom line, if you are building, adding or removing FE’s to Lync 2013 pool, be ready for service interruptions, and preferable move users to another pool until your work is completed and Windows Fabric has settled down. Hopefully, due to the way pools are built one FE at at time, most people will experience this early and understand, but I thought the warning before publishing could have been a little clearer. Easy to get caught out if you think you’ll make the change in topology now and deploy the server later (again in 2013 it’s recommended you deploy quickly after changing topology to keep the quorum correct).


Also, side note, if you don’t run Topology as administrator, you might see this error. Basically always run the Lync tools as administrator.

Error: An error occurred: “Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Deployment.DeploymentException” “Cannot query configuration for service “RtcSrv”. Details: Access is denied. Verify that your user account has administrative privileges, and that you selected “Run as administrator” when you started Windows PowerShell.”

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