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What does Lync 2010 look like on Windows 8 Developer Preview?

I’ve just posted a quick run down of the Windows 8 developer preview install. One of the first things I was interested to see was how it would work with Lync (big surprise Winking smile)

I was running on a Remote desktop to a Hyper-V VM.

I copied Lync installer to the desktop


The installer ran as expected. When complete Lync Started and signed in, in the ‘desktop’ mode. Everything is pretty much the same, but with a slightly different windows chrome.


But, as per this post, there is no start menu in the desktop mode. The way to Launch apps is now the ‘start screen’


To the right of my start screen, I found 3 new ‘tiles’/icons


I could then move the Lync icon around the screen


Clicking the tile dropped you back into the desktop mode.

When I sent an IM to the client while in the ‘start screen’ I didn’t get any toast or alert.

Only in the desktop mode did I get a toast


Window switching


EDIT: Dustin Hannifin pointed out that the Windows global spell check also works in Lync which is nice.



So no big surprises, the Lync client works as I think any other legacy/current app will work (Remember its pre-beta and subject to change), which for Lync in particular isn’t very practical. I’m sure in time we will see someone write a “windows 8” style UI for Lync to take advantages of the new style and development tools for Windows 8 and I also expect the next version of Lync will take advantage of things like the Live tiles and lock screen notifications to really maximise the experience on windows 8, particularly for touch.

Happy to hear your thoughts or test anything specific if anyone has any questions.

Update 8/10/2012: The Windows 8 built in spell check was cut before RTM, so no spell check in Win8 RTM I’m afraid,

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  • Thanks for doing this.
    I’m about to install win8 on a MSI windpad 110w and the first app i was going to install was lync :)

    I’m really looking foward to trying it on the samsung series 7 slate.

    nothing about lync is going to be touch friendly (even running it in windows 7)

    • On desktop mode it acts just like on windows 7. When in metro start screen you don’t seen to get any notification

  • Tested and running under preview on a 4yr old Lenovo x200 tablet, runs way better than I expected, in fact preview makes this tablet very usable again after starting to feel a bit tired using 7.

    • Yes, I use PhraseExpress which usually covers me for typical typo’s, but having it in the OS will be great.

  • When I try to join a Lync meeting by clicking on “Join Meeting” in an Outlook email I get a “Your 64-bit browser is preventing you from joining the meeting. If you have Lync installed, click to join. Join Using Lync”

    When click on Join Using Lync it just reshows the 64-bit browser message.

    Any ideas? This is a Samsung Slate 7 with Windows 8 Dev Preview.

  • Hi, I am planning to buy Arm based win 8 tablet and I am wondering whether lync will work on that. if it will not work then I’ll have to buy a intel based win 8 tablet. can you please advise?

    • Hi,

      The current Lync client will not work on an ARM processor, it’s written for x86/x64 processors.

      There is no public news on Lync clients for ARM processors yet. As you say, and intel processor will run the current Lync client.

      hope that helps


  • I don’t think the built in Windows 8 spell check works out of the box on the desktop.

    Did anyone ever see spell check working natively in Lync?

    This looks like maybe a third party spell check utility or something. Don’t get me wrong, I really hope it’s true, but I’ve tested it and I get nothing on Windows 8 CP.

    Does it really work, or Is it just me that can’t get it to work?

    • Hi Brad,

      This was a windows 8 feature in developer preview, sadly it looks like it was dropped in CP and Windows 8 RTM



  • Hello,

    I understand that Lync will work just fine on Windows 8 Pro, but what about a “Metro” (Windows 8 UI) version that can run on Windows RT. I am planning on getting the Microsoft Surface 32GB when it comes out. If I understand correctly, it will not have Desktop, just the Modern UI. Is Microsoft working on a version of Lync that can run on ARM devices?

  • Spell checking ? Who cares ?! … Not a real new feature…
    A nice improvement, imo, should be “display contacts in columns” (Column view)… Will it be developed for Lync 2013 ? When you have 150 contacts, it should be nice to display them in columns instead of basic scrolling list…

      • Googling “lync contacts columns” brought me this page because of this comment.

        I agree with Phil, I find it really bizarre that this simple option is not available. Explorer has been breaking filenames across columns for ages, so why not Lync? It’s badly failing to make use of the horizontal width of the screen — not everyone works only on tablets or smartphones, the desktop workstation is still king of the business world (i.e. the world that Lync is for)!

        If this were how Explorer worked, then people wouldn’t just be saying “use the search box” or “divide your files into smaller folders”.

        Glad to see at least one person out there shares my view.

Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions