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Lync Tips: Find the local time of a Lync Contact (on the Contact Card)

Lync connects us around the world, anytime, anyplace. But sometimes you want to know what the time is for the person you want to contact.

There is a nice CEBP (Communications Enabled Business Process) add on called ‘Information Dashboard’ Which will give you some information on the remote party, including time, weather and local news


But also out of the box, if Lync knows the location of a remote party, it will give you their local time right on the contact card



In brackets, besides location, is the local time.

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  • Hi Tom. Re. the article above (Loaction field showing time). I think I am am correct in that the Lync contact card by default just shows local time (without a location), in my case GMT:xx.xx.
    In your screenshot it shows Kirkland, WA as the actual location ………. can I ask was this achieved using the Set-CSLisSubnet commands ? If so, I can assume that the example shows a full Lync Voice solution ?
    Reason I ask, in a simple IM/ Presence setup, how the hell do you populate the Location field (preferably from AD). The ABSConfig tool doesn’t seem to help me here.

    • Hi Andy,

      Yes this example was on a full Lync Enterprise Voice System. I believe the location field was simply set by the user in the location section on the Lync client.



Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 news and opinions