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PowerShell Videos from Tech-Ed 2011

OK, so not strictly Lync, but under the covers Lync is all PowerShell, so to be good with Lync, you need to be good, or at least capable, with PowerShell. These videos are a great way to get started.


Windows PowerShell for Beginners

Learn about Windows PowerShell, Microsoft’s interactive command line shell and scripting solution directly from its inventor and architect – Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover. PowerShell combines the interactivity of KSH or BASH, the programmability of Perl or Ruby, and the production-orientation of AS400 CL or VMS DCL. Whether you’re solving the problem at hand or scripting, standardizing, and automating your IT processes, PowerShell can help.  Mir Rosenberg, Jeffrey Snover, Level 300

Advanced Automation Using Windows PowerShell 2.0

This session showcases the improvements to Windows PowerShell introduced in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Demos for this talk include how to easily build administration GUI over PowerShell,how IT administrators can create cmdlet functionality without the need for programming skills,PowerShell Remoting,jobs,modules,script internationalization and debugging,among others.  Dan Harman, Jeffrey Snover, Level 400

Windows PowerShell Remoting- Definitely NOT Just for Servers

Windows PowerShell v2 includes powerful remote control features. It’s available all the way back to Windows XP,built into Windows 7,and it’s a "killer reason" for deploying Windows 7 and learning Windows PowerShell. Thought remoting was just for servers? Think again,and let PowerShell MVP,Microsoft TechNet Magazine columnist,and book author Don Jones introduce you to a whole new world of remote control and management. Learn exactly how remoting,and the underlying WinRM service,work – along with tips for customizing them,securing them,and more. See live demonstrations of how to use remoting to troubleshoot and solve client problems from miles away – without your users seeing a thing. Collect and inventory management information to prepare for hardware,software,and OS upgrades (and much more). Make client firewall configuration easier and less problematic than with older remoting technologies like WMI. Leveraging material from Don’s new book,Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches,this is an hour of power you won’t want to miss. Don Jones, Level 300

Managing the Registry with Windows PowerShell 2.0

From its inception the Windows Registry has been a bane and boon to Windows administrators. Some might refer to it as a necessary evil. But managing the registry, especially for remote systems, has never been an easy task. Fortunately Windows PowerShell 2.0 can ease this administrative burden. In this session, learn how to handle and automate typical registry tasks for local and remote machines. We discuss the registry PSProvider and demonstrate registry management with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Microsoft .NET in Windows PowerShell 2.0. Jeffery Hicks, Level 300

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Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Collaboration news and opinions