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How to upgrade a Snom Phone to the OCS / Lync Firmware


Here is a how to on upgrading a Snom phone from the standard Snom firmware to the OCS compatible firmware. I’m not sure what the distribution terms are on the firmware, but your Snom dealer or Microsoft Voice partner should be able to help you with getting access to the latest firmware. I won’t be posting a direct link here unfortunately.

It looks like you can register here to get the firmware

According to Snom, “Snom OCS edition” is compatible with the snom300, snom320, snom360, snom370, snom820, snom870 and snom MeetingPoint.

This Snom pdf also goes over the steps, and how to do a mass deployment using DHCP options. This will be the route to go if you’re doing more than a few phones.

It’s worth knowing that Snom will ship the phones with the OCS firmware preloaded, which makes life a lot easier.

A note about features and functionality of the Snom OCS firmware

It should be noted that despite Lync logos all over the snom website, currently the firmware is certified compatible with OCS, see here. They works just fine with Lync for basic features, but doesn’t recognise some of the newer Lync features. Compatibility with newer Lync features is on the Snom roadmap. It is also worth noting that management of the handsetsupdates is completely separate to the inbuilt Lync management for Polycom and Aastra IP handsets, and the handset use experience is considerably different between snom and the “Optimised for Lync” handsets.

How to update a Snom phone to the OCS firmware

The phone should be on at least the snom version 7 firmware. If not you can follow the “automatic update” process here to update it.


Plug the phone in to a port where it can gain a reachable DHCP IP address


Click through these options to get to the NR screen, if you are asked for an account name just put anything in to get past that field


Use the down arrow to scroll to IP address



Browse to the IP address


The phone downloads new firmware from a web server. I have already uploaded the firmware bin file to the default site on Lync (by dropping it into the wwwroot). It might be better on a separate web server. Snom will also provide a direct HTTP link to the firmware, but that may only be for partners(?). See the link at the start of this article to get hold of the firmware. At the time of writing snom300-OCS-8.5.8-SIP-f.bin was the latest version.


You can go to this URL manually to verify it is working


On the phone web GUI. Go to software update and input the update URL, then hit “load”


The phone will prompt you to confirm, hit the tick


You will see the phone loading the file




It should reboot to the following


At this point, go back to the Web GUI (The IP is likely to remain the same, but you can confirm again on the handset if necessary). The look and feel should be different (if not hit F5 to refresh)

Do not enter any data yet, Click software update and RESET


Confirm the reset:


The phone should reset again,

Now set the Time zone and dial tone via the phone.



Now on the Web GUI you should enter the account data. For a new user create an account in AD and enable the user to Lync/OCS


When you hit save the phone should login


Note the display name is taken from the AD display name, so you may want to shorten this to fit the screen.

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  • In the Snom manual it also explains how to automatically get the phones to upgrade the firmware and provision using DHCP options 66 and 67. Although I have tried to use this, unfortunately I have not yet managed to get it to work.

  • What does allowing the UC firmware do? What are the benefits? I’ve not used Lync before but noticed its part of the Office365. If we start using office365, is it worth updating our phone to link up and use the Lync service? (Sorry I know it’s a vague question)

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